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The Bookkeeping Dynamos team has a depth of experience in both new and old versions of MYOB, As well as ensuring our bookkeeing services are fast and accurate, this experience allows us to suggest different ways of customising or using the MYOB package to support your business and offer ideas you may not have considered.


Support Options​

Full Support

Bookkeeping Dynamos offers a full bookkeeping support, processing all accounts, payroll, bank reconciliations, BAS lodgement and strategic management of your accounts to take the worry of account management off your hands. We can assist you with compliance, reporting and analysis to help your business move faster. Our team operates both on and off site. Contact us for a Health Check of your accounts.

Overview Support

Our team can back up your existing or internal bookkeeping by providing weekly, monthly or quarterly reviews of your MYOB processing and higher bookkeeping functions. Contact us to discuss what level of support you feel would help you most.


Setup and Technical Support

If your preference is just for some help to get started with MYOB, and then have the peace of mind of knowing there is someone to ring or email if you have a problem, then  our package option is perfect for you. We will setup you up, provide basic training according to your level of knowledge, and then be on hand to answer questions as you get up and running. Contact us to discuss your needs.​​


If you are completely swamped by accounts that have not been done or are in the shoebox, we can pick it up, shake them out and turn the stacks of receipts into a clear, accurate set of accounts that will give you back your peace of mind and set you back on the track to running a functioning business. Contact us to arrange a consultation.

MYOB Software

As an MYOB Bookkeeping Partner, Bookkeeping Dynamos can advise on the best package for you and arrange to have it delivered as soon as possible. Contact us to discuss MYOB version options.

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